About Direct Results

Direct Results provides all of the benefits of a full Information Technology team that, up until now, has only been available for large companies that are willing to hire (and pay for) their own dedicated staff. Thanks to Direct Results, small and medium size companies can reap the benefits of a dedicated IT staff without having to retain and pay for that staff on a full-time basis.

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Who We Are

  • We have over 40 years combined experience
  • We provide all of the benefits of a full Information Technology team
  • Dedicated technicians with a real passion for our profession

Managed Services

As technology progresses and businesses find that they have less and less time to give up their computers/screen time to let someone run maintenance and fix problems, it’s also fortunate that technology has progressed. Running maintenance, cleaning up viruses, installing software etc. can be handled with Managed Service Provider (MSP). Allow Direct Results to come and give you a FREE network evaluation and we can show you how Managed Services can work for you!

We have plans that will fit every size business from a one man show to a large enterprise.

More and more companies and individuals desire to keep their screen time interruptions to an absolute minimum. That’s where managed services is the optimum answer. All maintenance level tasks can be run in the background. Our tech experts can check the “health” of the computer and see how it is performing during the day without the user ever being disturbed.

IT Security

Direct Results can secure your data and network using today’s best practices. You’ve worked hard to build a successful business in your industry. We want you to focus on what you do best and rest assured that we have your data and network secured. We allow you to focus on what you do best by doing what we do best!

Systems Management

We proactively take care of your network. We keep it updated and maintained as well as watching for potential problems with your workstations, servers and other network devices. We can offer remote assistance as well as on-site visits to handle anything outside of the day-to-day upkeep of the systems.

Backup & Recovery

Who has time to worry about making sure all of their invaluable data is getting backed up on a daily basis? Your data is one of the most important assets to your company, and yet most companies don’t focus near enough attention on their backups. Once you’ve lost your data, if you happen to have a backup, what’s your recovery time going to look like?
Direct Results can set up a verifiable backup plan that can give you a full recovery in minutes instead of hours or days. With the correct planning you will have the knowledge that you are safe from data loss, from viruses, hardware failures and even ransomware.

HIPAA Compliance

The ability to stay HIPAA compliant seems almost insurmountable in the medical field today. Protecting not only client data, but employee data and making sure all of your electronic equipment is secured properly from all facets of a data breach requires a technical expert. At Direct Results we can provide that technical expert and all of the expertise to bring your organization into compliance.

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